Terms & Conditions


To validate your registration and to confirm your booking at TROPICALFIT, the total amount of the services you have registered for must be paid in full at the time of your reservation.

You can find all the payment details on our website under RESERVATIONS once you submit a registration form.

The booking will be considered as valid when the required amount has been transferred to our bank account, and you have received a confirmation email with the booking details and welcome message.



All personal details are compulsory in the registration form.  We do not sell or share your personal data.

Participants must be at least 21 years old at the time of registration.

Retreat participation at this time is limited to females.

TROPICALFIT reserves the right to make modifications, but only if these modifications do not change the essential services or are due to unexpected and uncontrollable situations.

You agree that TROPICALFIT may use images of your participation in the retreat, but solely for TROPICALFIT’S publicity or promotional purposes as website, flyers, or brochures.

Participants must be physically fit and able to swim.  The participant confirms that there is nothing that medically prevents him/her from surfing, bodyboarding, or engaging in other physical fitness activities.  If you have any doubts about your fitness, please consult a medical professional.  We require that you communicate us any relevant medical limitations or concerns, including but not limited to allergies, disabilities, medical incapacities, or anything else that may affect or limit your ability to participate in the retreat.

Each customer is responsible for the TROPICALFIT equipment during your use of the equipment, and accepts the responsibility to repair or replace it in case of loss or serious damage caused by your loss or misuse of the equipment.

At least one instructor will be certified to administer CPR and basic first aid.  Any medical, hospitalization, or related charges incurred in connection with the retreat shall be the sole responsibility of the guest.



Accommodation in destination (Rincon, Puerto Rico or Canary Islands, Spain): individual or shared room (depending on service contracted)  

Surf instruction or Stand-up paddle instruction

TROPICALFIT Equipment rental fees

Surfboards / stand-up paddle boards / yoga mats for use during retreat under supervision

Transfers to and from the beach from the accommodation

Daily activities including and ranging from surf, stand-up paddle surfing, yoga, running, GROOVE dance, meditation, self-myofascial release, body-weight training, bootcamp.  Activities will be subject to schedule and availability (all activities are optional)

Welcome dinner*

Healthy breakfast and lunch*

A dance night out visiting local spots and bars (optional): transportation to and from accommodation will be provided with a given time to leave the hotel/villa and return to it, if that time is not met by the guest,  he/she will be responsible for finding transportation (beverages/drinks are not included)


* Please provide information concerning any allergies or any intolerances, including food allergies, which we will attempt to accommodate to the best of our abilities.  TROPICALFIT is not liable or responsible for any medical bills deriving from any allergy or intolerance that could have been caused by external service provider, including if the customer has not disclosed such allergy or intolerance in advance and in writing. The customer, by acknowledging these terms and conditions, acknowledges that she is ultimately responsible for avoiding any food or substance to which she is allergic, and releases TROPICALFIT and its owners and contractors from any claim, cause of action, suit or any cost derived from any food allergy or  intolerance.  



The following services are not provided, and are the sole responsibility of the customer to purchase and arrange:


Transfer from and to airport on arrival and departure day**

Dinner, excluding the Welcome Dinner

Medical insurance

Travel insurance

Currency exchange

VISA arrangements (American citizens do NOT need VISA to travel to Puerto Rico, just a valid ID and American Citizens can travel with a valid passport to Spain without the need of a specific VISA permit. Non American citizens need to look into VISA permit requirements for Puerto Rico and Spain) Important Websites for reference: Spanish External affairs and VISA requirements: http://www.exteriores.gob.es/Portal/en/Paginas/inicio.aspx , Puerto Rico information on traveling: http://welcome.topuertorico.org/tinfo.shtml

** We can provide directions and also arrange at your expense a taxi or a pick up service if you request the service at least 7 business days in advance of your arrival


A deposit of $50 will be held for administrative fees in case a cancellation/refund is requested.

The cancellation/refund policy is as follows:

– We will refund you 100% of total amount (minus the $50 administrative fee), when the cancellation is made two months before the starting date of the retreat.  

– We will refund you 50% of the total amount (minus the $50 administrative fee), when the cancellation is made at least one month before the starting date of the retreat.

– Cancellations made within one month of the starting date of the retreat are not entitled to a refund, as we have already committed to vendors and contractors and are unable to make any adjustments.

– The cancellation request can be made via email and will be deemed to have been made on the day it was submitted

– If you are unable to attend and do not qualify for refund, you may transfer your retreat reservation to another qualified person. The transferee must complete a registration form, liability waiver agreement and agree in writing to these terms and conditions before a transfer can be completed.


TROPICALFIT does not accept any responsibility or provide any refunds in the following circumstances:

– To the extent the client is responsible for the incorrect delivery of the services.

– To the extent the defective services are due to third parties or they occur in a manner that could not have reasonably been foreseen.

– When the services cannot be provided due to a force majeure or other conditions beyond the control of the company.

– Clients agree to listen to and follow the instructions of our staff and to follow TROPICALFIT regulations. A failure to do so may result in TROPICALFIT withdrawing services or, if such conduct persists, termination of the client’s participation in the retreat.



For medical assistance during your stay at a TROPICALFIT retreat, each client should be sure to bring:

– Medical card and insurance



These Terms and Conditions are governed by New York Law.  Any disputes arising hereunder or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and/or the retreat shall be resolved by binding arbitration.  YOU AGREE THAT ANY CLAIMS AGAINST TROPICALFIT MAY BE ASSERTED ONLY ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS, AND NOT AS A CLASS MEMBER OR AS PART OF A PURPORTED CLASS.  

e-mail: info@tropicalfitretreat.com

PO Box 30211, Port Authority Stn., NY

New York, 10011