what is tropicalfit retreat ?

Certified personal trainers, surf instructors, yoga teachers and nutritional coaches, come together in TROPICALFIT to offer you a balanced blend of exercise, nutrition, regeneration and fun. We have been at the forefront of fitness in the last decade and we want to take you for an adventure. We invite you to come to our retreats in exotic destinations, such as Puerto Rico and the Canary Islands, and provide you with transportation, surf, functional training, yoga, dancing and lodging in a fun and safe environment.

Our lodging is a cool, clean and beautiful villa surrounded by amazing scenery and super safe neighborhood.

We speak Spanish and have a long history with both islands (Fuerteventura and Puerto Rico) and strong connections with local people and local businesses.

We want to protect the ocean for us and future generations, therefore Tropicalfit donates 1% of your retreat ticket to an Ocean Conservancy organization called 4theocean, check them out!

Our Mission

TROPICALFIT mission is to offer an escape to re-energize one’s body and mind through direct contact with nature and fun activities adapted to the environment we explore. Just as children learn best through play, we feel more fulfilled and positive when we step outside of our regularly structured lives and enjoy the way our bodies move outdoors.

We run these retreats because we are passionate about fitness as a lifestyle that builds you up rather than wears you down. We value immersion in the culture local to the retreat, body positive programming and building a community of fitness and adventure enthusiasts who are supportive of each other’s health and life goals.

We love the ocean and adore seeing wildlife in its natural environment, that's why TROPICALFIT doesn't operate in touristic resorts or areas that are very industrialized. We appreciate simplicity and authenticity and we want to give back. 

The best surfer out there, is the one having the most fun.
— Duke Kahanamoku, father of modern surfing